27th - 28th NOV 2021
Illustration of people enjoying ludlow medieval christmas fayre

ludlow medieval christmas fayre



27th - 28th NOV 2021

Image of christmas decorations, food and drink

Cheer on your favourites in our Tournament of Knights, join in with our interactive theatre and laugh at our glorious jesters on and around the Castle Garden Stage!

Will you champion the House of the Dragon or the House of the Lion in our Tournament of Knights presented by Combat Through the Ages? Using sword, mace and quarter-staff, these fearsome knights will battle it out to claim victory at Ludlow Castle. Join us on Saturday night for a fiery finale including flaming swords and maces!

Laugh your socks off with BZ Ents as they regale the crowds with tales of Olde England’s heroes and villains – with the help of the younger members in the audience. And don’t miss the wickedly funny jester Peterkin for the finest tomfoolery and nincompoopery in the land!

Peter Cann, our amazing theatrical fight specialist returns as Master-At-Arms to showcase his fighting moves in The Flashing Blades. Musical trios The Bagshotte Waytes and Revellion bring the authentic sound of medieval music to the Fayre and don’t forget the fearless Kris Katchit who brings his infamous carnivalstyle show The Bed o’ Nails to the Fayre too!

All this plus not forgetting our friendly giant, Brother Sid and our top quartet of jesters, Jester James, Kris Katchit, Tom Fool and Peterkin throughout the day!


Join us on Saturday night for an extra special fiery night finale with the knights fighting against each other with flaming swords and mace!"