28th - 29th NOV 2020

The Little Garlic Plate

Tell us about your business - when did it start and what do you sell? What is special about your product?

The Little Garlic Plate is a traditional hand crafted ceramic grater, with a special ‘rough’ surface used to puree garlic & ginger. These little plates are based on a concept which is 2000 years old, and yet because it is so simple and effective, the idea has survived in pockets of France and Spain. It is no coincidence that these areas are infamous for the use of garlic in their meals, and as the benefits of the Mediterranean diet have become more well known, the secret of this little cooking tool has begun to spread.

Ancient graters were a stoneware dish with grit embedded in the base. Today there is no grit involved!

A special toothed wheel is used to create the rough surface. The plates are produced & glazed to modern sanitary standards by an artisan Spanish potter whose family have been throwing pots for four generations. The majority of the process is still carried out, as it always has been, by hand.

To use this simple little tool, all you do is wet the surface with a little water or olive oil, then rub your garlic around  the surface to achieve an amazingly smooth puree. With ginger, go up and down, and it will puree the flesh whilst leaving the stringy bits behind. It comes with a little brush to sweep the puree into your cooking. Why not have a little look at our demonstration videos on Facebook  or Instagram.

We design most of our plates here in the UK, but, you’ll notice by the time they are finished, each hand painted pattern seems to contain ‘a bit of Spanish sunshine’.  The bright colours are intended to make you smile, and inspire you, as you mix up the flavours of your culinary creations, but we also have the odd plate for those minimalists out there! Have a look on our website, and a browse through our range.

The Little Garlic Plate is not only an amazingly effective cooking  tool, but is also beautiful and unique. Each plate comes boxed with a garlic peeler, brush and instructions, making the ideal gift for all those foodies out there.

 Do you have any products that you are launching specifically for Christmas?

We carry an extensive range of plates on our website, but we are always listening to customer requests and ideas, so do keep an eye out for a couple of new colours / patterns appearing in our range around the weekend of the show!

What are you looking forward to most about being part of the Online Medieval Christmas Fayre?

Like many small businesses, this time of year is normally particularly busy for us as people visit and explore the Christmas markets, looking for interesting and different gifts. The Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre is definitely our favourite show of the year. It’s a chance to dress up and get properly in the spirit of Christmas ready for the crazy countdown of December. The show is unique in it’s atmosphere, full of hustle and bustle and cheer. The medieval aspect brings a magic to the shopping experience for both visitors and stallholders alike, as it somehow removes the feeling of over commercialism Christmas can bring, and transports you back in time, to strike a deal with the craftsman displaying his or her wares.

This is the one show I always bring my family to, and if you have never been, I cannot recommend highly enough visiting this show, when it returns next year, for a wonderful experience you will never forget.

If you are regular, I don’t need to explain……   Join with us all this year keeping the spirit of the show alive, supporting small businesses, and finding some fabulous Christmas gifts.

What can people expect when they find you in the online Christmas Market for the month?

During the Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre, we will be offering a 15% discount on our website especially for those of you who have visited and supported this years online event.

To access this discount simply use the promo code ‘LMCF’ at checkout on our website  www.thelittlegarlicplate.co.uk.

What are you looking to most about Christmas this year?

Christmas this year will be welcome, a time to stop and think,

Greet family, remember all too distant friends, & maybe share a drink.

Christmas this year will celebrate togetherness, whose value we forget,

To send best wishes to those folks this year we never met.

Christmas this year will be remembered for many years to come,

With admiration for so many kind deeds..…  and sadness for some.

But as the winter feast is held, and bright lights twinkle atop the tree,

I wish a good old dose of happy festive cheer to visit all of thee.


Simon, from The Little Garlic Plate,  November 2020