27th - 28th NOV 2021

The Little Garlic Plate

The Little Garlic Plate is a traditional hand crafted ceramic grater, with a special ‘rough’ surface used to puree garlic & ginger. It’s a very old idea which is still in use in the Mediterranean, but,  the secret of this little cooking tool has begun to spread. 

Ancient graters were a stoneware dish with grit embedded in the base. Today there is no grit involved!

A special toothed wheel is used to create the rough surface, which is perfect for pureeing garlic & ginger.

To use the plate, all you do is wet the surface with a little water or olive oil, then rub your garlic around, lifting the skin off at the end.  For ginger, go up and down, and it will puree the flesh whilst leaving the stringy bits behind. 

Have a look at our special LMCF demonstration video here.

We design most of our plates here in the UK, but, you’ll notice by the time they are finished, each hand painted pattern seems to contain ‘a bit of Spanish sunshine’.  Why not have a look on our website, and a browse through our range.

The Little Garlic Plate comes boxed with a garlic peeler, brush & instructions. It is not only an amazingly effective cooking tool, but is also beautiful and unique gift for all those foodies out there.


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