28th - 29th NOV 2020

Stone Circle Mead Company

Tell us about your business - when did it start and what do you make?

Tony set up his first commercial mead-making business in the early 1990s in North Wales, so he's been at this for a while. After a spell doing other things, not least meeting his wife and fellow director Beth, they set up Stone Circle Mead Company in early 2018.

What is special about your products?

The essence of the business is simple: to play a part in recreating the ancient craft of mead-making and bring it to a modern audience. That means fermenting the honey to produce the alcohol, not fortifying it. Add to this applying the medieval technique of mixing in whatever fruits, herbs and flowers are in season to add complexity and there you have it. Over 2019 and this year Beth, Tony and a team of volunteers have been foraging in the Wiltshire countryside to gather sloes, damsons, rosehips, elderberries and more for their 2021 meads.

Do you have any products that you are launching specifically for Christmas?

In 2019 we experimented with a completely new spiced mead. The 'granddaddy' of mulled wines, spiced mead is where we got the idea for mulled wine. This one is fermented twice with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger and has an ABV of 16.9%. It is simply gorgeous; a lovely 'winter warmer'.

What are you looking forward to most about being part of the Online Medieval Christmas Fayre?

We had a fantastic time at LMCF in 2019 and really, really miss being there this year. This is a way of staying in touch with the people we met in 2019 – hopefully meeting them again in 2021 when we're back in costume and under canvas.

What can people expect when they find you in the online Christmas Market for the month?

We have our full range of meads on sale together with our 'Mini-Meads' (three different 100ml bottles in possibly the cutest jute bottle bag you've ever seen) and two sizes of Christmas hamper, each featuring mead (of course) and a tempting selection of goodies from other Wessex food producers.

What are you looking forward most to about Christmas this year?

2020 has been tough for everyone. We're really hoping that perhaps the fog will lift long enough for us all to enjoy Christmas, even if it isn't up to the usual standards, but at least a glimmer of joy and a chance to be with our loved ones if we possibly can.

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