28th - 29th NOV 2020

Julia Durrant Designs

Tell us about your business - when did it start and what do you sell?

I started making beaded jewellery over 10 years ago and found chainmaille, which we now specialise in and was immediately hooked.  I find it very therapeutic and enjoy the fact that a piece slowly grows and grows into our jewellery.

What is special about your products?

We make everything, using traditional metalsmithing techniques, starting with a length of wire, so are only limited by our own imagination.

Do you have any products that you are launching specifically for Christmas?

Yes, we are excited to be launching our new range of personalised jewellery, which can have a faceted semi-precious stone with an initial on the reverse added to our bracelets, necklaces and pendants.  We are also hoping to launch other exciting things in the coming weeks...

What are you looking forward to most about being part of the Online Medieval Christmas Fayre?

As an exhibitor at LMCF for many years we're looking forward to seeing online what we never get to see when we are exhibiting at the show!  It won't be the same without meeting and chatting with our lovely customers, fellow exhibitors and the people who make it all happen behind the scenes.  We are very much looking forward to meeting them at next year's show.  We miss you guys!!

What can people expect when they find you in the online Christmas Market for the month?

We have a good selection of different forms of hand made chainmaille jewellery in a variety of lengths and styles to suit both men and women. We are friendly and approachable and happy to chat to people if they prefer, or they can email or text us with any questions they may have!

What are you looking forward most to about Christmas this year?

We hope our recipients love their presents and the best thing for us is being able to chill out with our special friends in person at Christmas, along with going on some long walks in the countryside.

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