27th - 28th NOV 2021

The House of the Lion

The House of the Dragon

Leader & Captain: Sir Henry Baldwin


Brave, true and courageous. He is renowned for being the greatest swordsman in the Kingdom and is much loved for his mercy and acts of kindness.

Sir Henry’s choice of weapon is the sword.

He is most exposed to Polearms.

Emoji to vote for him to fight: Wow Face



Bannerman: Sir William Varde

His love of mirth and celebration marks him out as the Knight of Revels. But do not mistake him for a frivolous Knight. For he is ever charitable to those in need and takes his vows of protecting the weak and innocent seriously. He is also a formidable fighter when needed.

Sir William’s favourite weapon is the Mace, yet he is most susceptible to weaponry such as Flails or the Ball and Chain. 

Emoji to vote for him to fight: Happy Face

Leader & Captain: Sir Robert de'Courtney, the Black Knight

His title as the Black Knight fits his temperament and deeds.   He is cunning, vile and calculating. Sir Robert hates to lose and will use any methods at his disposal to ensure victory, no matter how underhand.

His favourite weapon is the Morning Star.

He is most vulnerable to Axes.

Emoji to vote for him to fight: Angry Face


Bannerman: Sir Geoffrey Chevanon

He is an ambitious and dangerous Knight. There is no act depraved or wicked enough he is not willing stoop to if he thinks it will advance him in wealth and influence.

Sir Geoffrey’s favourite weapons are all Polearms, yet he is most defenceless against attacks from swords. 

Emoji to vote for him to fight: Sad Face