24th - 25th NOV 2018
Illustration of people enjoying ludlow medieval christmas fayre

ludlow medieval christmas fayre



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The magical atmosphere...

...of the Market Place Stage offers melodies, mirth and drama all weekend with a packed schedule of music, songs, theatre and comedy.  See below for our 2017 programme.

There’s pantomime, the return of acclaimed Polish medieval band Tryzna – by popular demand!
– and brand new theatre, new bands and more.

Brand new theatre in the Market Place Marquee includes Delicious Theatre’s critically acclaimed The Best Play Ever (Saturday only) fresh from 5 star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe. Plus there’s a chance to catch The Shrewsbury Mummers, Hand to Mouth Theatre’s Piggery Jokery and our pantomime Chanticleer and the Fox – all together now, “it’s behind you!”

We’re delighted to welcome back Tryzna after their Fayre debut last year. Playing fantastic medieval tunes and often wearing masks, they cast a striking appearance to match their driving
rhythms of hurdy gurdy, pipes drum and mandola.

Even if you can’t quite remember how many lords are leaping, no songsheets are required with wynndebagge’s own frantic and funny version of The Twelve Days of Christmas - with a little help from the audience of course! And it really does begin to feel a lot like Christmas when The Quire hand out the songsheets for Saturday night carol singing!

New this year, we welcome Sarah Thursfield, also known as The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant, to reveal the weird and wonderful truth of what the well-dressed medieval lady wore on her head in the light-hearted Heads and Tales.




Saturday 25th 2017

10.15am | Motley of music!
A motley gathering of minstrels and more to getthe Fayre underway.

11.00am | Tryzna
After wowing the crowds last year, this medieval four-piece from Poland return for more of their trademark high-energy medieval music.

11.30am | The Quire
Firm favourites singing traditional carols from the West Country. Catch them later leading the Saturday night carol singing!

Noon | Hand To Mouth Theatre - Piggery Jokery
An enchanting tale of the seasons with plenty of laughter as an old farmer tends his land and fattens his pig.

12.30pm | Heads and Tales
Sarah Thursfield, author of The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant, reveals the shocking truth about what medieval women wore on their heads! New this year!

1.00pm | Wynndebagge – A Minstrel’s Tale
Inspired by characters from The Canterbury Tales, the well-loved medieval minstrel returns with this new show mixing music and mirth. New this year!

1.30pm | The Best Play Ever
Delicious Theatre present their critically acclaimed madcap comedy set deep in the medieval dungeons of the Royal Palace! New this year!

2.00pm | The Quire
(see 11.30)

2.20pm - 2.40pm | Digger’s Delights
The Master of Monkhide Wines conjures up cocktails in medieval manner. New this year!

2.30pm | The Baggshotte Waytes
With two yards of trumpet plus sackbuts and drums, The Waytes bring the authentic sound of early brass bands to the Fayre.

3.00pm | The Pantomime of Chanticleer and The Fox
Based on a medieval fable, this funny farmyard tale has all the classic ingredients of a pantomime. Oh yes it does!

3.30pm | Hand To Mouth Theatre - Piggery Jokery
(see Noon)

4.00pm | Wynndebagge – Twelve Days of Christmas
More mirth and music from the medieval minstrel as he regales the audience with his own take on Twelve Days.

4.30pm | Tryzna
(see 11am)

5.00pm | The Yarnsmith of Norwich - Sir Gawain and The Green Knight
The captivating teller of tales for all ages weaves the Christmas tale of Sir Gawain for the first time. New this year!

5.30pm | Heads and Tales
(see 12.30pm)

6.00pm | The Shrewsbury Mummers
Larks and laughs aplenty in this topical tale of love, lust and greed with diabolical doggerel, a dodgy doctor, and even a dance!

6.30pm | Carolling with The Quire
The ever-popular Saturday night carol singing with The Quire led by Eddie Upton, featuring all your favourites! Song sheets provided.

7.30pm | Hand To Mouth Theatre’s Piggery Jokery
(see Noon)

8.00pm | Rave On!
Wynndebagge leads as the musicians all get together to play medieval dance tunes and guide you through some easy dances – join in!


Sunday 26th 2017

10.00am | A medley of music!
A motley gathering of minstrels and more to get the Sunday Fayre underway.

10.30am | Tryzna
(see 11.00am Saturday)

11.00am | The Yarnsmith of Norwich
(see 5.00pm Saturday)

11.30am | Hand To Mouth Theatre - Piggery Jokery
(see noon Saturday)

Noon | The Quire
(see 1.30pm Saturday)

12.30pm | The Shrewsbury Mummers
(see 6.00pm Saturday)

1.00pm | Wynndebagge – A Minstrel's Choice
(see 1.00pm Saturday)

1.30pm | Heads and Tales
(see 12.30pm Saturday)

2.00pm | The Pantomime of Chanticleer and The Fox
(see 3.00pm Saturday)

2.30pm | The Quire
(see 11.30am Saturday)

3.00pm | Hand To Mouth Theatre - Piggery Jokery
(see noon Saturday)

| Motley Farewell
The musicians gather together for one last medley as it’s time to say goodbye until next year!


There’s pantomime, the return of acclaimed Polish medieval band Tryzna –by popular demand! – and brand new theatre too."