23rd - 24th NOV 2019
Illustration of people enjoying ludlow medieval christmas fayre

ludlow medieval christmas fayre



23rd - 24th NOV 2019

Image of christmas decorations, food and drink

The magical atmosphere...

...of the Market Place Marquee is not to be missed! This year, our schedule of entertainment in the Market Place features a packed schedule of music, songs, theatre and comedy. There’s pantomime, brand new theatre and new puppet shows too!

Brand new theatre in the Market Place Marquee includes a new show by acclaimed puppet theatre company Hand to Mouth with Flights of Fancy. There’s also a new show from Discover History, from headache to heartache, the Wise Woman of Worcester has got a remedy for you in
I’ve Got A Cure For That!

We’re delighted to welcome back the amazing Tryzna for a third year too – by popular demand! Don’t miss their foot-stomping tunes with their new show, The Music of The Silk Road.

Plus there’s the Shrewsbury Mummers with a topical tale of love, lust and greed, the ever-popular
Yarnsmith of Norwich returns with some festive tales and audience favourite wynndebagge returns with his Twelve Days of Christmas featuring a partridge, turtle doves and a load of larks as
well as one piper piping! Don’t forget to join in the carols with The Quire in the evening too.



Saturday 24th November 2018

10.15am | wynndebagge's warm-up!
An informal gathering of musicians help get the Fayre started!

11.00am | Tryzna
The medieval four-piece from Poland are back with a new line-up of instruments in The Music
of The Silk Road New Show

11.30am | Discover History Battle's It Out
Help recreate the famous Battle of Agincourt without leaving the comfort of your seat!

12.00noon | Hand to Mouth Theatre's Flights of Fancy
A beautiful and funny musical puppet show from the ever-popular Hand to Mouth with a
new tale of a baby bird learning to fly! New Show

12.30pm | wynndebagge
The medieval minstrel returns with his trademark madcap mix of music and mirth

1.00pm | The Quire
As well as leading the Saturday night carols, the West Country based choir will be singing
traditional carols from their own region.

1.30pm | I've got a Cure for That!
From backache to earache, headache to heartache, Discover History’s Wise Woman of
Worcester has got a cure for it. Not available on the NHS! New Show

2.00pm | Trio Salsarello
A brand new trio made up of firm Fayre favourites. Medieval with a hint of Latin American
beats! New Show

2.30pm | The Quire
(see 1.00pm)

3.00pm | The Shrewsbury Mummers
Larks and laughs abound in this topical tale of love, lust and greed told medieval style!

3.30pm | Discover History Battle's It Out
(see 11.30am)

12.00noon | Hand to Mouth Theatre's Flights of Fancy
(see noon)

4.00pm | Tryzna
(see 11am)

5.00pm | I've got a Cure for That!
(see 1.30pm)

5.30pm | The Yarnsmith of Norwich
Join the renowned spinner of stories for a Christmas tale from the Court of King Arthur - Sir
Gawain and The Green Knight.

6.00pm | The Shrewsbury Mummers
(see 3.00pm)

6.30pm | Carolling with The Quire
The ever-popular Saturday night carol singing with The Quire featuring all your favourites! Song sheets provided.

7.30pm | Hand to Mouth Theatre's Flights of Fancy
(see noon)

8.00pm | wynndebagge's Twelve Days of Christmas
Featuring a partridge, turtle doves, ducks, swans, French hens and a load of larks plus one piper piping!

8.30pm | Last blast!
A motley of musicians gather to play a few seasonal tunes and maybe even lead a dance or two!


Sunday 25th November 2018

10.00am | Trio Salsarello
(see 2.00pm Saturday)

10.30am | The Yarnsmith of Norwich
(see 5.30pm Saturday)

11.00am | Tryzna
(see 11.00am Saturday)

11.30am | Hand to Mouth Theatre's Flights of Fancy
(see midday Saturday)

1.30pm | The Quire
(see 1.30pm Saturday)

12.30pm | Trio Salsarello
(see 2.00pm Saturday)

1.00pm | Discover History Battles it Out
(see 11.30am Saturday)

1.30pm | The Pantomime of Chanticleer and The Fox
An ancient tale in traditional style by The Mysterious Crew. Oh yes it is!

2.00pm | I've Got A Cure For That
(see 1.30pm Saturday)

2.30pm | The Quire & wynndebagge
Veterans of the Fayre join forces to celebrate 20 years of fellowship and music at the Fayre.

3.00pm | Hand to Mouth Theatre's Flights of Fancy
(see noon Saturday)

3.30pm | Final Farewell!
Trio Salsarello, Tryzna and guests play out another fabulous Fayre!


There’s pantomime, the return of acclaimed Polish medieval band Tryzna –by popular demand! – and brand new theatre too."