23rd - 24th NOV 2019
Illustration of people enjoying ludlow medieval christmas fayre

ludlow medieval christmas fayre



23rd - 24th NOV 2019

Image of christmas decorations, food and drink

There’s plenty to do...

...and plenty to see in and around the Castle Garden Stage – from music to
interactive theatre and from juggling jesters to our fantastic Tournament of Knights!

See fighting knights from the House of the Dragon trade blows with the House of the Lion in our
Tournament of Knights presented by Combat Through the Ages. Using sword, mace and quarter
staff, who will be victorious and win over the crowd? Join us on Saturday night for a special
fiery face-to-face combat using burning maces if you dare (weather dependent, so fingers
crossed for a dry evening!)

There’s new music too from brand new trio, Salsarello who play Medieval style with just a
hint of Latin American beats! And don’t miss the hilarious antics of beloved jester Peterkin,
the finest tomfoolery and nincompoopery in the land!

Peter Cann, our amazing theatrical fight specialist returns as Master-At-Arms to showcase
his fighting moves from the legend of Shropshire’s Wild Edric. Plus comedy abounds with
BZ Ents’s tales of famous Olde England’s heroes and villains - with the help of the younger
members of the audience!

Everyone loves a story and The Yarnsmith of Norwich will share the tale of Sir Gawain and
the Green Knight plus there’s Discover History’s fun-packed re-enactment of Welsh archers
demonstrating their prowess at Agincourt.

Finally, don’t miss the fearless Kris Katchit who brings his infamous carnival-style show The Bed o’
Nails to the Fayre too! All this plus not forgetting our friendly dancing giant, Brother Sid and our top trio of jesters, Jester James, Kris Katchit and Peterkin throughout the day around the Fayre!

New for 2018
Tom Fool, Master of Ceremonies
Peter Cann’s Wild Edric
Trio Salsarello
The Knights’ Flaming Maces! 



Saturday 24th November 2018

10.30am | Jesters’ Walkabout
Join the jesters as they entertain the crowds with their stilt-walking, juggling and more!

11.00am | Trio Salsarello
A brand new trio made up of firm Fayre favourites. Medieval with a hint of Latin American beats!

11.30am | BZ Ents
Hilarity abounds as our theatrical duo tell tales of Olde England’s heroes and villains aided by
young members of the audience.

12.00noon | Peter Cann, Master-At-Arms
Re-staging the legendary sword fight of the mythical Wild Edric and Godda

12.30am | Tryzna
The medieval four-piece from Poland return with a new line-up of instruments in The Music
of The Silk Road.

1.00pm | The Yarnsmith of Norwich
Join the renowned spinner of stories for Christmas tales!

1.30pm | The Tournament of Knights
The Houses of Lion and Dragon compete with sword, mace and quarter staff to discover who
will reign supreme.

2.00pm | BZ Ents
(see 11.30am)

2.30pm | Peterkin the Fool
The finest mayhem, nincompoopery and dunderheaded dimwittery you can get – and every show is different!

3.00pm | Tryzna
(see 12.30pm)

3.30pm | Peter Cann, Master-At-Arms
(see 12.00noon)

4.00pm | BZ Ents
(see 11.30am)

4.30pm | The Tournament of Knights
(see 1.30pm)

5.00pm | Peterkin the Fool
(see 2.30pm)

5.30pm | The Bed o' Nails
The fearless Kris Katchit brings the infamous carnival-style show The Bed o’ Nails to the
Fayre. Dare you watch?!

6.00pm | Discover History Battles It Out
(see Saturday 11.30am)

6.30pm | Tryzna
(see 12.30pm)

7.00pm | BZ Ents
(see 11.30am)

7.30pm | Trio Salsarello
(see 11.00am)

8.00pm | Peterkin the Fool
(see 2.30pm)

8.30pm | Tournament of Knights FINALE
Witness the procession and last combat of the day as with trumpet fanfares and banners
aloft, the knights take to the stage one last time today.



Sunday 25th November 2018

10.30am | Peterkin the Fool
(see 2.30pm Saturday)

11.00am | Tournament of Knights
(see 1.30pm on Saturday)

11.30am | BZ Ents
(see 11.30am Saturday)

12.00noon | Discover History's Sword School
A fun event in which youngsters are shown how they would have defended themselves in olden

12.30pm | Tryzna
(see 12.30pm Saturday)

1.00pm | Kris Katchit's Bed o' Nails
(see 5.30pm Saturday)

1.30pm | Tournament of Knights
(see 1.30pm Saturday)

2.00pm | Peterkin the Fool
(see 2.30pm Saturday)

2.30pm | Tryzna
(see 12.30pm Saturday)

3.00pm | BZ Ents
(See 11.30am Saturday)

3.30pm | Tournament of Knights Finale
(see 8.30pm Saturday)


Everyone loves a legend and the Castle Garden will be full of them this year! The Yarnsmith of Norwich tells the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and young visitors can help bring historic legends to life with fun, interactive shows from BZ Ents."